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Red Chairs


JINX is new musical commissioned by Borel Drama.

Written by Borel alumni Makena & Teagan Reynolds with JT Kaufman.

Jinx is a musical about friendship, consequences, and the power of change. This is a spell-binding story of young teens maneuvering their way through a mysterious jinx --leaving them asking What Did I Do to deserve this? Can they defy the Rules of the Jinx - or will They Never Change A Thing?

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Act One:

The show begins with Devin waking up at 5:45AM, already ready to start her day. She sings about how she won’t settle for anything less than perfect (“Perfect”). After some time passes, the alarms of all of the other students start blaring, and as they start to wake up they think about what lies ahead (“Enough”). Devin arrives early to help clean the campus in the hopes of getting a head start on community service. This prompts Bria and Sawyer to approach Devin and size up their academic competition. As the students compare what they are doing to make sure they have the most impressive accomplishments by the end of the year, Devin reveals her checklist and everything she is going to do to come out on top this semester. She plans on becoming class president which is only achievable by getting votes from the most popular students in school. After overhearing Christina brag about her upcoming birthday party to Savannah and Anthony, Devin plans to get an invite to Christina’s birthday party where she can mingle and convince the popular students to vote for her. Devin, despite her clear absence of athleticism, tries out for the soccer team in hopes that will get her an invite to Christina’s party. When Christina sees through Devin’s plan, she makes it clear to Devin why she will never fit in with her crowd (“Unfazed”).


The next day, Jaycee and Nolan are trying to get signatures for her “Save the Turtles” petition during lunch (“Fix What's Broken”). This effort to get signatures is interrupted by Devin who has come back to return a helmet that she has borrowed from Jaycee. She learns that Jaycee and Christina are related and Devin realizes that this is how she can get an invite to Christina's party. Jaycee agrees only if Devin will be her partner for the science fair. Fearing that this might be more than she can handle, Devin says she’ll think about it. After Bria and Sawyer flaunt all of their accomplishments in front of Devin, it becomes clear that this plan is the only way that Devin can get ahead (“Perfect: Reprise”).


In the library, Devin and Jaycee are working on their science fair project, and it becomes clear that Jaycee cares more about her message than getting a good grade. As Devin is trying to explain their project to Jaycee, Ryan and his bandmates burst into the library causing a scene and ripping posters off the wall. As Jaycee gets angry with Ryan, he becomes intrigued by her strong and opinionated nature.


It’s the day of the science fair! All of the students are excited to present their projects. Bria and Sawyer have arrived with the most elaborate and impressive projects, making it clear that they are vying for the first place prize and scholarship. Feeling the pressure, Jaycee and Devin give their presentation, but when Jaycee gets super nervous, the two accidentally speak over each other, to which Jaycee jinxes Devin. As a superstition and universe expert, Nolan takes it upon himself to prevent Devin and Jaycee from falling into the clutches of the jinx (“The Rules of the Jinx”). Despite the warning, Devin speaks out of turn, and the jinx is officially in motion. Almost immediately after the science fair, as if there was some sort of magic in the air, Ryan serenades Jaycee (“Thanks to Ryan”). Ryan asks Jaycee to go to Christina’s party with him, and Nolan warns that this is just the beginning stages of the jinx.


That night, Devin makes a checklist to keep track of everything she needs to do in order to keep her presidential campaign on track (“The Checklist”). Once at the party, Devin struggles to get anything done from her checklist, and it seems that Jaycee is checking everything off the checklist instead. As Jaycee mingles with Ryan and the popular kids, Nolan warns Devin of the dangers of the jinx, and how it can have long term implications. Knowing that this jinx puts her college dreams at risk, Devin takes it upon herself to warn Jaycee of the risks and try to convince her before it’s too late. Jaycee has already been convinced by Ryan to run for student body president, and with her new found popularity, she is a shoe-in to win. As the effects of the jinx are becoming clear, Devin confronts Jaycee who kicks her and Nolan out of the party (“It Crowd”).


Act Two:

Jaycee and Devin assess everything that happened at the party (“What Did I Do”). It is clear that the jinx is real as Jaycee is surrounded by all of the popular people, and Devin is completely and utterly alone…well alone with Nolan. Despite his best efforts not to upset the universe, Nolan agrees with Devin that something must be done (“Rules of the Jinx: Reprise”) and the two come up with a plan to tip the popularity scales back to how they were before the jinx. Meanwhile, Savannah and Anthony have gotten close to their new super popular friend, Jaycee, and let her in on everything she needs to change about herself in order to maintain her status (“Never Change A Thing”).


In order for Devin and Nolan’s plan to work, they decide to bring in the one person who understands popularity - Christina. Christina proposes that they spread a rumor about Jaycee (“Chain Reaction”). Devin accidentally spreads a rumor that Jaycee is cheating on Ryan with Nolan. As news spreads around the school, people start to turn on Jaycee for hurting Ryan. All of this happens right before the students vote for class president. Things are looking good for Devin; however, Bria and Sawyer are still planning on smearing Devin’s campaign. And, with Christina heading the anti-Jaycee campaign, things are not looking good for either of the candidates. Fortunately for the students, Christina nominates herself for class president (“Lesser of Two Evils”).


Devin and Jaycee are summoned to the principal's office. As the two girls anxiously await their potential punishment, they discuss the pressures of being in school nowadays. They realize that popular people don’t hold any power if you don’t let them (“See Me”). They decide that the jinx doesn’t exist if they don’t believe in popularity. They join their classmates to await the results of the election. As everyone starts to forgive and forget the events of the jinx, it is revealed that the class president is...Josh! The one person that caused no drama at all, and put in no work got to become class president. Devin comes to the realization that while she should continue to keep up her good grades, she should also leave some time to have some fun and to hang out with her new friends Jaycee and Nolan (“Finale”).

Scene Breakdown

Act 1:

    “Perfect” - Devin

    “Enough” - Company

    “Unfazed” - Christina / Soccer Team

    “Fix What’s Broken” - Jaycee / Nolan

    “Perfect (Reprise)” - Devin

    “The Rules of the Jinx” - Nolan / Students

    “Thanks to Ryan” - Ryan / Bandmates

    “The Checklist” - Devin

    “It Crowd” - Partygoers


Act 2:

    “What Did I Do” - Jaycee / Devin

    “Rules of the Jinx (Reprise)” - Nolan / Devin

    “Never Change A Thing” - Savannah / Anthony  / Students

    “Chain Reaction” - Devin / Savannah / Anthony / Soccer Team / Ryan / Bandmates

    “The Lesser of Two Evils” - Christina

    “See Me” - Devin / Jaycee

    “Finale” -Company

Character Descriptions

Devin - One of the girls who gets jinxed. She is incredibly bright, and driven. She dreams of one day attending Stanford University. She is overachieving, and is determined to fulfill all of her goals listed on her checklist in order to beef up her college resume. Despite being jinxed, and being unpopular, Devin is determined to become the ultimate college candidate by becoming class president. (Female)


Jaycee - One of the people who gets jinxed. She is super cool, but not in a popular way. She is an activist as a result of her climate change anxiety. She is sort of friends with Nolan. Her older sister is Christina, but no one knows it because they couldn’t be more different. An important thing to note about Jaycee is that she is secretly very insecure and avoids making friends out of fear that she will never be enough.  (Female/Non-Binary)


Christina - She is the most popular girl in school. She isn’t mean, she’s just brutally honest. She is the captain of the soccer team and plays a wicked social game. Her younger sister is Jaycee. Her success is defined by what others think of her. As long as she is popular, school will be easy for her. (Female)


Nolan - He is a believer in superstitions. He doesn’t care what people think about him. Being an outcast was his choice. A friend of Jaycees. (Male/Non-binary/Female)


Ryan - He is the lead singer and guitarist of a band. He is popular, but not a part of the same group as Christina. He has a following of groupies at the school. It is hard for Ryan to really open up to people because he is scared of being used for clout. (Male)


Savannah - Christina’s best friend. Uses Christina’s friendship to boost her popularity. Doesn’t seem to be a very smart person, but when you talk to her one-on-one it becomes clear she is playing a strategic social game. She also has a serious crush on Ryan and is very bad at hiding it. (Female/Non-Binary)


Anthony - Christina’s right hand. Uses Christina to boost his popularity. Golden retriever energy. (Male/Non-Binary/Female)


Bria - Academic competition for Devin. Also dreams of going to Stanford. Has no social life because they are drowning in extracurriculars in order to boost their college resume. (Female/Non-Binary)


Sawyer - Academic competition for Devin. Bonds with Bria when Devin starts her campaign for class president. Sawyer dreams of being valedictorian of their graduating class when they reach high school.  (Female/Male/Non-Binary)


Jude - Bandmate of Ryan. Will do anything for Ryan. Extremely loyal. (Female/Male/Non-Binary)


Connor - Bandmate of Ryan. Will do anything for Ryan. A genuinely good person. (Male/Non-Binary)

Max - Bandmate of Ryan. Will do anything for Ryan. A very kind person. (Female / Male / Non-Binary)


Students - These characters include: Josh, T.A., Science Fair Rep, Science Fair Student, Previous Class President, #23, #14, other soccer players, other band members, & other students.

Gender Notation Explanation from Playwright:

We live in a time where people are feeling the freedom to express themselves and break away from societal norms in order to feel more comfortable in their own skin. To honor that, many of the characters within “Jinx” have flexibility on the gender that they can be portrayed as. Theater is supposed to be one of the most welcoming and accepting communities that exist; however, many theatrical pieces do not include characters that express their gender the way we see people do today. Acknowledging the plays upon plays filled with inaccurate “gender norms” setting upsetting examples in how each gender must act, “Jinx”characters have been written and listed to encapsulate the essence of a person. In doing so, it is my hope that more people will be able to see themselves in this piece, both onstage and offstage.

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