Red Chairs


13 is a high-energy pop rock musical about the trials and tribulations of being 13 years old. This musical deals with the hardship of leaving familiar places, the isolation and frustration felt when trying to fit-in, and the transition from childhood to adulthood. The musical follows Evan Goldman, a kid born and raised in NYC who can't wait to turn 13! That is, until his parents get divorced, and he moves from the greatest city in the world to a sleepy town in Appleton, Indiana. Once he lands in Appleton, Evan's bar mitzvah is right around the corner, so he feels a lot of pressure to quickly befriend the most popular kids in school. Evan comes to understand what it means to be a friend as he navigates the complicated social world of middle school. With a pop-rock score by Jason Robert Brown, and equal doses of humor and heart, 13 is irresistible to anyone who ever has been, or is looking forward to becoming 13. At it's heart, 13 is a coming-of-age musical that ultimately proves that cool is where you least expect it.

*Please note - 13, the Musical is rated PG but middle school topics and situations are discussed.