Red Chairs


JINX is new musical commissioned by Borel Drama.

Written by Borel alumni Makena & Teagan Reynolds with JT Kaufman.

We meet Devin, an exceptionally talented popular girl in school. Her participation in each club and social event does not distract her from achieving a perfect 4.0 GPA. In a time where students are pressured to reach for every star as long as it pads their resume, Devin is the model of success. Each day after the last, the students go to school, attend clubs, do homework, balance as many extracurriculars as possible, and if there’s time left over, sleep. The cycle continues as each kid dreads the feelings of unimportance and disappointment that come with failure. Except for Jaycee, a kid who has never strived to be perfect, important, or known. Perhaps she’s had to accept the reality that being socially awkward keeps her from having “cool kid status”. 

The illusion of balance is soon disrupted by a pure coincidence, when Jaycee and Devin speak at the same time while giving a presentation. Before a second can pass, the two simultaneously blurt out their answers. Jaycee sentences Devin to a “Jinx!”, a curse that forbids Devin to speak until someone says her name. Jaycee and Devin begin to experience instances that are no less than peculiar. It’s almost as if their worlds have flipped upside down. For the first time, Devin is confronted with being imperfect, and Jaycee is confronted with imposter syndrome. They shortly find themselves questioning the legitimacy of the spell and re-evaluating what really matters to them.Will Jaycee and Devin find their way out of this mess? Find out in Jinx! the musical!