Dance Auditions

Dance Auditions are optional and will be held on October 11th.

***Please note - the dance audition is OPTIONAL. If you would like to be considered for a featured dance role, please come to the dance audition on Oct. 11th in Room 9. This is also a great opportunity to show the casting team more of you and what you can bring to the show.

  • Get your dance shoes or tennis shoes on. Make sure you have filled up your water bottle. Stretch and warm up on your own just in case there isn’t time with the group.

  • The choreographer will teach the dance at the audition. While learning the dance with the group, try not to stand with people you will want to talk to. Remember, the auditioners are watching you the entire time. They are looking at how focused you are and how quickly you learn.

  • If you are struggling with a dance move, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Please raise you hand.

  • During a break, review the choreography with a friend or on your own. Stay focused even during break.

  • You will audition your dance in a small group of 4-6 people. Remember to smile and have fun! The auditioners will be looking at the choreography but also how confident you are and how much fun you are having with the dance.

  • If you have any special dance or gymnastics skills, be sure to let the choreographer know!