Character Descriptions

Read the descriptions below to learn about the characters in Jinx!

Jinx Character Descriptions:

Devin - One of the girls who gets jinxed. She is incredibly bright, and driven. She dreams of one day attending Stanford University. She is overachieving, and is determined to fulfill all of her goals listed on her checklist in order to beef up her college resume. Despite being jinxed, and being unpopular, Devin is determined to become the ultimate college candidate by becoming class president. (Female)

Jaycee - One of the people who gets jinxed. She is super cool, but not in a popular way. She is an activist as a result of her climate change anxiety. She is sort of friends with Nolan. Her older sister is Christina, but no one knows it because they couldn’t be more different. An important thing to note about Jaycee is that she is secretly very insecure and avoids making friends out of fear that she will never be enough. (Female/Non-Binary)

Christina - She is the most popular girl in school. She isn’t mean, she’s just brutally honest. She is the captain of the soccer team and plays a wicked social game. Her younger sister is Jaycee. Her success is defined by what others think of her. As long as she is popular, school will be easy for her. (Female)

Nolan - He is a believer in superstitions. He doesn’t care what people think about him. Being an outcast was his choice. A friend of Jaycees. (Male/Non-binary/Female)

Ryan - He is the lead singer and guitarist of a band. He is popular, but not a part of the same group as Christina. He has a following of groupies at the school. It is hard for Ryan to really open up to people because he is scared of being used for clout. (Male)

Savannah - Christina’s best friend. Uses Christina’s friendship to boost her popularity. Doesn’t seem to be a very smart person, but when you talk to her one-on-one it becomes clear she is playing a strategic social game. She also has a serious crush on Ryan and is very bad at hiding it. (Female/Non-Binary)

Anthony - Christina’s right hand. Uses Christina to boost his popularity. Golden retriever energy. (Male/Non-Binary/Female)

Bria - Academic competition for Devin. Also dreams of going to Stanford. Has no social life because they are drowning in extracurriculars in order to boost their college resume. (Female/Non-Binary)

Sawyer - Academic competition for Devin. Bonds with Bria when Devin starts her campaign for class president. Sawyer dreams of being valedictorian of their graduating class when they reach high school. (Female/Male/Non-Binary)

Jude - Bandmate of Ryan. Will do anything for Ryan. Extremely loyal. (Female/Male/Non-Binary)

Connor - Bandmate of Ryan. Will do anything for Ryan. A genuinely good person. (Male/Non-Binary)

Students - These characters include: Josh, T.A., Science Fair Rep, Previous Class President, #23, #14, other soccer players, other band members, & other students.

Gender Notation Explanation from Playwright:

We live in a time where people are feeling the freedom to express themselves and break away from societal norms in order to feel more comfortable in their own skin. To honor that, many of the characters within “Jinx” have flexibility on the gender that they can be portrayed as.

Theater is supposed to be one of the most welcoming and accepting communities that exist; however, many theatrical pieces do not include characters that express their gender the way we see people do today.

Acknowledging the plays upon plays filled with inaccurate “gender norms” setting upsetting examples in how each gender must act, “Jinx”characters have been written and listed to encapsulate the essence of a person. In doing so, it is my hope that more people will be able to see themselves in this piece, both onstage and offstage.