Audition Music

You have four song options for vocal auditions. You can submit a video audition or come in person.

Please select and prepare one of the songs below for your vocal audition. Try to choose the best song suited for your voice and the character you are auditioning for. Check the Character Description page to see which roles might suit your gender identity most, however feel free to choose whichever song feels the most comfortable to you. Make a strong character choice when auditioning. We will use THESE karaoke tracks during your actual audition.

***If you are more comfortable singing another song for your audition (like Happy Birthday or something else that does not require a karaoke track), please contact Ms. G. Those trying out for a specific role will need to sing one of the four songs from the show.


  • Listen to the track. Know the lyrics well (the lyrics are available on the VOCAL SCORE).

  • Know your tempo (how fast or slow you perform the song).

  • Know exactly where you will begin singing and where you will end.

  • Know the accompaniment (karaoke track): how it sounds in relation to the musical line you are singing.

  • Once you know the song well, let movement flow naturally. Keep the character in mind. Use body movement to help express the meaning of the song (arm gestures, and simple movement, not a complicated dance).

  • Stand with feet slightly apart and your body firmly centered – Actor Neutral!. (Ears over shoulders, over hips, over balls of feet, etc., chest up and ribs out/expanded, but never rigid).

What the Auditioners will be watching for:

  • Preparedness: How confidant is the actor with the material?

  • Potential

  • Believability

  • Musical Prowess

  • Intonation: Manner of producing tones with regard to accuracy of pitch.

  • Pitch: The location of a musical sound in the tonal scale. Does the auditionee’s pitch match that of the music, or is it sharp or flat?

  • Volume: The loudness of the sound.

  • Projection: Directing one’s voice so as to be heard clearly at a distance.

  • Rhythm: In its basic sense, the whole feeling of movement in music. The organization of time in regards to music relative to duration and intensity of sound.

  • Expression and Interpretation: What kind of emotion you put into your song’s performance and how well you relay the meaning of the song to the audience.

*Keep in mind, you may have done the best audition but you may not be selected for a part for reasons beyond your control (ex. availability, other casting choices, etc.)



*If you are more comfortable sending in a recorded audition, please review the information below.

  • Put yourself in the center of your screen. Record as a video file in PORTRAIT MODE.

  • Ensure the camera is face level (not from above or below).

  • State your full name and grade.

  • Tell us one fun fact about you. Something that makes you, you.

  • Then state the name of the piece you are performing.

  • Good posture promotes good breathing, speaking and singing technique, so stand up straight and tall.

  • Press play on a separate device to play the karaoke track provided here on the Audition Music webpage. Please make sure the audio is played behind you or to the side of you (not in front of you). We want to hear your voice.

  • Say, “Thank you” at the end of the piece.

  • Listen and watch to make sure we can clearly see and hear you over the karaoke track.

  • Email or share the video file to by October 11th.

Bring completed Audition & Registration Form to your Vocal Auditions. If you are submitting a virtual audition video, please drop your completed form off in Room 3 by October 11th.

Jinx Audition and Registration Form
Download PDF • 189KB



1. Download the SCORE PDF for the song you would like to sing (or stop by Room 3 to grab a copy). The lyrics for the song can be found on the PDF SCORE of the song.

2. Listen to the track WITH VOCALS to learn the song.

3. Practice along with the KARAOKE track. We use these karaoke tracks during actual auditions.

Audition Song #1 - "Prologue Perfect"

Prologue Perfect - Full Score
Download PDF • 53KB

Prologue Perfect (with vocals)
Download MP3 • 1.90MB

Prologue Perfect - Karaoke
Download MP3 • 1.76MB

Audition Song #2 - "Unfazed"

Unfazed (Audition Cut) - Full Score
Download PDF • 57KB

Unfazed (with vocals)
Download MP3 • 1.18MB

Unfazed - Karaoke
Download MP3 • 1.13MB

Audition Song #3 - "Rules of the Jinx"

Rules of The Jinx (Audition Cut) - Full Score
Download PDF • 60KB

Rules of the Jinx (with vocals)
Download MP3 • 1.15MB

Rules of the Jinx - Karaoke
Download MP3 • 1.04MB

Audition Song #4 - "Thanks to Ryan"

Thanks to Ryan (Audition Cut) - Full Score
Download PDF • 65KB

Thanks to Ryan (with vocals)
Download MP3 • 2.58MB

Thanks to Ryan - Karaoke
Download MP3 • 2.57MB