FAQs & Theatre Terms

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Spring Musical? The Spring Musical is an auditioned-based program available to all students. Vocal and dance auditions are held in January. Rehearsals are held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Students are only called to rehearsals, as they are needed. A vocal director and choreographer are brought in to work with students on singing and dancing. We build or buy our sets, costumes and props. We have 4 performances held in a local theater. A stage manager, technical director, sound and lighting designer are brought in to assist in the production. We also hire local professional musicians under the direction of a musical director to provide live orchestration. Tickets are available on our website and at the Box Office. 

How can I participate in Drama Workshops? Drama Workshops will be offered throughout the year. Any students can sign up for the Workshops in Room 3 or by emailing Ms G (agoldrath@smfc.k12.ca.us). 

Borel Drama Theatre Terms:

Call Time - the time you are supposed to report to a rehearsal/performance.

Callbacks - after everyone has auditioned, the staff may hold callbacks for specific parts in the Spring Musical. Only some people will be asked to attend callbacks. Students called back are encouraged to review character descriptions and listen to some of the songs from the show. At callbacks, students will be taught songs from the show and asked to read scenes from the show. 

Cast Party - a time to celebrate! Cast members and families are encouraged to attend the cast party following the final performance and strike. 

Conflicts - any time you are going to miss 75% of the rehearsal. Leaving early or late for rehearsal must be cleared in advance and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  If you find that with your active schedule of other things (sports, lessons, etc.) that you will have more than 3 conflicts, you may want to reconsider participating.

Costumes - for the Fall Play, participants will be asked to provide basic costume pieces from their own wardrobe. We may provide additional specific costume pieces. For the Spring Musical, most costume pieces will be provided for cast members. We may ask cast members to provide base costume pieces from their own wardrobe. All participates are required to provide their own shoes. 

Dance Audition - students interested in auditioning for our Spring Musical are required to sign up for a dance audition time slot. Our choreographer will teach a portion of a dance during the audition. Students will perform the dance in small groups at the audition. 

Drama Workshop - an intensive class offered after school focusing on one aspect of theater (i.e. acting, singing, auditions, improv, choreography, set design, etc.)

Green Room - the area on the behind the stage where actors wait to go onstage (it is not necessarily green!). 

Notes - instructions, usually regarding an actor's blocking or performance, given after a rehearsal by a director, choreographer, vocal director, musical director or stage manager.

Off-book - when an actor knows his/her lines and no longer needs to carry the script

Parent/Cast Meeting - after the Spring Musical is cast, a mandatory Parent/Cast Meeting will be held to provide information about rehearsals, volunteer hours and the performance.

Program (Playbill) - a booklet handed out to all audience members at the performance. Ads from local businesses are collected to help pay for the cost of the printing. Families are encouraged to place ads for cast members in the Program. A cast list, synopsis, song list and Shout Outs are also found in the Program.

Props - any moveable object used by an actor during a performance

Registration Donation - We ask that all participants donate a registration fee ($50 for the Fall Play; $150 for the Spring Musical). The cost covers instructors, scripts and costume pieces. Scholarships are available for both productions. Donations will only be cashed after participants are cast in the production. 

Rehearsals - rehearsals for the Fall Play will be held on Thursday's and Friday's after school. Rehearsals for the Spring Musical will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's evenings and Saturday afternoons. Students will only be called to rehearsals when they are in the scene or song being rehearsed. Rehearsals will typically be held in the Music Room (Rm 9) or Ms G's room (Rm 3).

    Blocking Rehearsal - a rehearsal focused on the movement of actors in a scene 

    Dance Rehearsal - a rehearsal focused on the dancing in a number from the show

    Vocal Rehearsal - a rehearsal focused on the singing of songs from the show

Shout Outs - a one-liner family/friends/cast members can place in the Program to cast members. 

Show Shirt - all participants in the Spring Musical will receive a shirt advertising the show. Additional shirts can be purchased. We encourage participants to wear Show Shirts frequently during rehearsals and tech week. 

Strike - to take apart the set after the final performance. All cast members and one parent/guardian are required to assist with strike. 

Tech Week - the week prior to the performance where all the technical aspects of the show are added. Technical rehearsals this week are typically held at the theater. Sets, lights, costumes, props and a live orchestra are incorporated into the production. The crew is also added at this time to help with all of the technical elements. All cast and crew are required to attend rehearsals during Tech Week. Rehearsals typically go from 6:00 - 9:00 (or later) during Tech Week. 

Vocal Audition - students interested in auditioning for our Spring Musical are required to sign up for a vocal audition time slot. Songs from the show are selected for students to audition with and uploaded on a website. 

Volunteer Commitment (Spring Musical ONLY) - parents are asked to assist on the production for a minimum of 10 hours. The Production Manager will help to coordinate volunteer hours. Below is the list of committees available:

    Costumes - assist costume designer/coordinator with taking measurements, assigning, approving and constructing costumes

    Sets - build and paint set pieces under the direction of the set designer

    Props - gather or create props needed for the show as requested by the director

    Publicity - distribute flyers and posters to local stores and schools; advertise and arrange activities at school to encourage students to attend the production

    Sponsors/Ads/Shout Outs - find local businesses to sponsor the performance; collect ads from local businesses and families

    Bios/Lobby Decorations - collect, edit and print bios from each cast member and arrange in the lobby with other decorations

    Fundraising - oversee the Car Wash fundraiser; distribute and sell additional show T-Shirts; set up Restaurant Fundraiser; assist in any other fundraising activities

    Tickets - fill ticket orders during Tech Week under the direction of the Ticket Coordinator; work the Box Office before each show

    Concessions/Flowers/Telegrams - gather and display refreshments, flowers and telegrams to sell before, during and after the show

    Field Trip Show - invite local elementary schools to our Field Trip performance held opening day at 10:00am; deliver tickets to schools; organize drivers for performers back to Borel after the show

    Cast Party - plan and coordinate the Cast Party held after strike

    Chaperone - help supervise rehearsals and performances; assist the director in keeping cast members quiet and focused (this is a great committee to join if you are a new Borel Drama family!!)