Welcome to Borel Drama Dream Theater!

Watch a video of Borel Drama Students & Alumni Celebrating a Decade of Borel Drama!

Borel Drama is recognized at the San Mateo City Council Meeting on May 7, 2018!

2018/2019 Season

Fall Play - September 28, 2018 "Everything But..."

Spring Musical - March 1 - 3, 2019 "The Wizard of Oz"

Drama Awards - May 28, 2019

Borel Production Photos: http://boreltheatre.shutterfly.com/ 

Our Mission:

Borel Drama Dream Theatre will strive to develop the whole child, helping students to grow intellectually, socially, ethically and culturally through theater arts. Borel Drama Dream Theatre is committed to fostering a positive environment through learning. Together, we will set high goals and inspire all students to achieve excellence.



Contact: Alyssa Goldrath, Borel Drama Instructor (click to email)

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